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Global IP Solutions releases VoIP for iPhone, AT&T not happy

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VoIP for iPhone
We all know how AT&T maintains a stronghold in the field of mobile telephony. This they confirmed when they teamed up with iPhone. Hoever, AT&T doesn’t seem to like tethering and technologies and applications, which lets you make cheap or even free phone calls. Now that may be quite understandable as VoIP is another prohibited application for AT&T. Now, Global IP Solutions may release a VoIP software kit for the iPhone with which you can talk away you life with your friends for a pittance. If that’s not enough you could add other VoIP applications as well. Though Global IP Solutions intends to respect AT&T’s terms of service, it doesn’t mean VoIP will be available immediately at the App Store, as AT&T may not want to see it there.


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