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Need a PSP Phone? Do It Yourself!

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When is the time that Sony PSP Phone is available? Probably there is no answer yet but the great chinese is showing off their hacking skill. Besides you can use the Skype to make VoIP calls with your PSP portable gaming machine, one of the guy has decided to integrate his Haier mini phone with his PSP.PSP Phone

With some hacking works, the UMD disc reader has been replaced with the Haier mobile phone. The phone is now powered by the PSP battery, plus the phone antenna is extended inside the PSP casing. No worry for the phone keypad though, all numeric and text input can be touch through the full touch screen. Not the best hacking, but this could be their first step before they add an extra wireless module and use together with the PSP display screen.

PSP Phone
PSP Phone
PSP Phone


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