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Major Samsung Instinct Software Updates Available!

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Just as what the previous little software updates stated, another software update is available this month with major fixes. According to the official info, Samsung Instinct users will start to receive the new updates over the air, you will be notified for the upgrade when you run the applications. In summary, the updates will fix issues on the Picture Mail, the web browser, Sprint TV and Radio, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Email, Sprint Music Store, Visual Voicemail and Mobile Sync application.

Samsung Instinct Software

The push update over the air roll out plan is not clear though, it is up to the service provider to turn on the update notification batch by batch. Some users reported to have received the full updates, but some users reported a partial updates. See the change log below:

Picture Mail
Reduce system busy errors for large picturemails
Reduction of “408″ timeout errors when sending large picturemails
Optimized vending machine shopping experience
More robust and user friendly access to Yahoo, Hotmail, Best Buy, YouTube
Remove feature that sent browser back one page with camera button
Sprint TV/Radio
Optimizations to resolutions for streaming video playback
Reductions of pausing. freezing and “flashing” during streaming video playback
Greatly increased start up and channel change speed
Sprint Navigation
Session will no longer run in background, preserving battery life
Sprint E-Mail
Ability to save email address from favorites menu
Sprint Music Store
Eliminates skips when listening via Bluetooth headset
Eliminates periodic timeouts for Websync of music
Eliminates changing of tracks when turning on screen from sleep mode
Eliminates periodic failure of skip button
Eliminates play/pause stopping after 30 - 35 minutes of music play
Push Info Services/Pocket Express
Increased ability to play video clips
Content for movie listing displays correctly
Eliminates periodic error for movie details/review
Visual Voicemail/Mobil Sync
Handle and present voicemail notification when out of data service
Eliminates “choppy” playback when dragging progress bar
Contact picture/image now shown correctly in playback form


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