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Quickoffice and Dynoplex Announce Native Office Document Support for BlackBerry Devices

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QuickofficeQuickoffice and DynoPlex today announced the immediate availability of a new release of eOffice. BlackBerry users are able to open, view, edit and create native Microsoft Office documents in their original format and save the document with high data integrity.

The eOffice solution works on all currently shipping BlackBerry devices, connected both through BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture and carrier-hosted BlackBerry Internet Service solution for individual customers. eOffice is immediately available without any upgrade requirements to the enterprise server or the BlackBerry device operating system.

The eOffice application allows users to open native attachments sent via email, stored on the device memory card or transferred to the BlackBerry. eOffice also enables users to create new documents and spreadsheets with comprehensive editing capabilities. All features, including editing native files, are available even when the BlackBerry is not wirelessly connected or in airplane offline mode.

eOffice includes the following Word, Excel and Sharepoint features:

* View, edit and create ‘real’ Word documents with all formatting, tables and embedded graphics displayed; includes comprehensive editing features and a power spell-checker
* View, edit and create new Excel files including charting; powerful features to modify spreadsheets such as control over formatting and updating formulas with an extensive list of built-in functions
* Integration with Sharepoint plus an online account with unlimited space for storing, retrieving, faxing and printing documents

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