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Next iPhone

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Next iPhoneiLounge, maybe the world’s largest iPhone and iPod resource of information, has just announced the Design The Next iPhone, Win The Next iPhone Contest, where you can submit your ideas about how the next iPhone should and could look like, as well as what new functionalities it can come with.

After the end date, only 6 concepts will win the competition and they will win 3 Apple’s next iPhone model, while other 3 will get $100 iTunes Gift Cards.
To participate you have to submit at least a 1600 pixels wide image with the next generation iPhone and description, as well as your personal information including name, e-mail address, and location.
You can do this until May 25, when the international contest ends, and the winners will be announced in the Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 on June 1.

And now, to give you an idea about what others have submitted, here are the ideas of other designers about how the next generation iPhone could look like:
Next iPhoneiPhone Dual Track Balls
Someone saw the next iPhone model as a handset with dual track balls, a design addition meant to make scrolling easier for those that use the iPhone for gaming.
Next iPhoneiPhone Air
It is inspired , of course, by the MacBook Air look but not to make the handset lighter but probably just to match it with the world’s lightest notebook
Next iPhoneiPhone Air:Thinnovation
It’s the thinnest iPhone concept, it too inspired by the MacBook Air design, but this one really matches the notebook, don’t you think?
If MacBook Air fits a manila envelope, iPhone Air: Thinnovation inserts easily into an airmail envelope.
Next iPhoneiPhone Pico
iPhone Pico would e the world’s smallest iPhone, and it’s so small that we can’t see it.
Next iPhoneiPhone Nil
iPhone Nil is no phone but just application icons.

Next iPhoneiPhone Clear
A thinner version than the iPhone Air : Thinnovation.

Next iPhoneiPhone Slide
-the slider version of the iPhone candybar. It would have two displays with multi-touch input, Video Conferencing, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, 32 GB storage, and 512 MB of RAM memory.

Next iPhoneiPhone Bio
It’s called Bio because it uses Biometric Security technology aka Fingerprint Scanning for identifying the right user for full access grant.

Next iPhoneiPhone Archetype
This is a concept version for the first 3G iPhone, a handset covered in a metallic black layer with backlit Apple logo. What it brings new is the glossy bezel replacing the chrome finish, and it also integrates the iCam mounted in the front.
The iBall sphere is scrollable and can be used for sound control and navigation, while there is also the multi-colored LED indicator that shows categories statuses

Next iPhoneSmallest Phone Ever
Smaller than iPhone Pico? Maybe but it looks kinda ugly.

Next iPhoneiPhone 3G
Another iPhone 3G concept…
Next iPhone
4 New Flavors of iPhone
Cool color suggestions for the iPhone.


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