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X-SIM II for iPhone

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All new iPhones being sold in the US, UK & Germany are locked to a particular provider (Version 1.1.2, Bootloader 4.6)

If you wish to use the iPhone with another provider in that country or in another country, you will need the X-Sim II to ypass the lock to work with your exising sim card. In Canada, it will work with Rogers & Fido Networks.
X-SIM II for iPhone

Also works with: at&t, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, ORANGE, Mobile , o2, Tesco, CosmOTE, Tim & Virgin.

And please alert that that's not the exact solution of unlocking the phone, it's BY- PASS the SIM checking of the phone. For example, there is an locked AT &
T iphone, and of course, else of AT & T SIM card, the phone cannot work on any card else. So, when the user want to use the own card, it needs to put the own card into that X-SIM II card slot, then, put to the iphone. When iphone detect the
card, that X-SIM II would BY-PASS the checking to determine if there is AT & T or not, then, the iphone would still work with the user's own card.

So, the conclusion is that the iphone is not really unlocked, it just BY-PASS the SIM checking & let the iphone to work on any SIM card. Just Jailbreak the iPhone, update it, Jailbreak it again, insert your Sim card together with the X-Sim II, & you phone features will work on your iPhone. Very simple to do & you can not damage your phone!!! X-Sim II requires no modification of the basebandon your phone.

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At January 13, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Blogger ifeng said...

There are two newest types of X-SIM, X-SIM can only unlock iphone wich locked by at&a in USA, but X-SIM Pro can unlock which locked in USA, UK and Germany. I just found these new things on, X-SIM is cheaper than Turbo SIM card, click the url to check it out:

At May 23, 2008 at 11:46 PM, Blogger jamie said...

what about this:

I mean has any body purchased from this store before?


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