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Unofficial iPhone SDK Released, Includes Tutorials and Examples

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Apple iphone mobile phoneAs most everyone knows by now, Apple's official stance of not allowing third party software to be developed for the iPhone hasn't done much to stop it. At the time of writing this article, there are already third party IM clients, an iPhone OS X terminal, spanking new GPS software, and much much more. Though third party software packages have been streaming in by the dozens, initially there was little structure to development.

Things are changing. As developers collaborate and as more and more applications are introduced and delivered to users through methods which keep getting simpler and simpler, an informal set of standards is blossoming.

In an attempt to provide structure where Apple has not, Lucas Newman - developer of the first native iPhone game, Lights Off - has just released an Unofficial iPhone SDK. The SDK and guide provide all the ingredients and information required for new application developers to get underway creating their own native iPhone software.

Specifically, Included in the kit is an 18-page PDF tutorial, a sample Xcode template, and a set of example iPhone applications. The guide walks aspiring developers through setting up their development environment and getting underway with simple programs, explaining tasks such as creating windows, handling input, and more.

Lucas Newman's Unofficial iPhone SDK consists of three elements: the 18-page instructional PDF, the Xcode template sample, and the sample iPhone applications package.

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