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Apple to Add 3G and GPS to New iPhone in Q1 2008

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As we all know, there's never a shortage of rumors spewing out of the "iPhone 2" rumor mill. Usually, they're worth little more than ignoring. Occasionally, however, a report or rumor comes along that's worth talking about. The latest on iPhone 2 seems to be worth a note.

Originally out of and later circulated by various outlets such as AppleInsider and Gizmodo, a new reports suggests that there is solid information that a new incarnation of the Apple iPhone will be coming to consumers in the first quarter of 2008, and it will include 3G connectivity and will be GPS enabled.

According to the report, "people familiar with the production plans" have indicated that a second generation, 3G iPhone is do to roll out early next year. Unfortunately, however, as AppleInsider notes - has what amounts to no record when it comes to predicting Apple moves. While this doesn't give any of us reason to jump for joy at the prediction, the good news is it can keep us from dismissing the claim as pure garbage.

As always, everything is unconfirmed and unverified and you'll no doubt read of another rumor like this in the near future. If it's worth talking about, we'll bring it to you. If not, someone else will.


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