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Two New Stylish LG EV-DO Mobile Phones Released

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Apple iphone mobile phoneLG has just released two more evolved handsets, packed with support for EV-DO Rev A (Evolution-Data Optimized). LG LH2000 and SPH-W3150 are two powerful devices that manage to handle a wide variety of multimedia files and bring the best of entertainment to its user.

These two latest mobile phones
coming from LG are among the most evolved ones that this company has to bring. Unfortunately, there are little chances of them breaking out of Korea boundaries, for a global release. It's a shame, as these devices might have had chances for being successful in other countries too.

LG LH2000 has a 2.2 inch LCD screen, although an even larger one would have been great. The phone is great for placing video calls and also supports T-DMB technology. This means that it is capable of bringing mobile TV services for the users of these handsets and could have done even better with a larger display. The technology is used mainly in Korea, which gives some reason why the handset has not been put out for a global release.

LG SPH-W3150 has the same display screen size, unfortunately. This phone too comes with T-DMB capabilities and can handle video calls perfectly. The handset looks more evolved, as it has a rotating slide and stylish design. This makes it perfect for watching broadcasts on a wide screen in best conditions. The phone also packs an MP3 player that can be activated by voice recognition, a highly interesting feature.

Both new handsets that LG will release are EV-DO enabled, which makes these phones clearly CDMA ones. The technology provides access to mobile devices with air interface speeds of up to 3.1 Mbit/s, in the case of Rev. A. The LG-LH2000 and SPH-W3150 will be available only in Korea, for USD534 and USD642 respectively.


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