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Free iPhone Software Unlock is Here - iUnlock

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"You wanted it, we have it. Enjoy your free iPhone."

Such was the announcement on the iPhone Dev Wiki team's website when their ultimate goal - a full software unlock of the Apple iPhone - was acheived. Simple as that.

Hot on the heels of the troubled release of the iPhoneSIMFree Unlock solution, the iPhone Dev Wiki team - who has been responsible for virtually every publically available innovation involving the iPhone and it's underlying OS (filesystem access, ringtones and customization, third party applications, etc) - have released their solution which performs a similar task. Dubbed iUnlock, their solution is available free of charge, unlike others. In fact, the team has even made the source code publically available.

Early reports indicate that while slightly more complex than the iPhoneSIMFree solution, iUnlock definitely works. From a complexity standpoint, the good news is that a member of the unlock team has indicated that a GUI version of the unlock software should be available soon and will greatly simplify the process for those of you with fat fingers.

For now, the detailed instructions to complete the unlock are available via the Official iPhone Unlock Guide. Included are links to all required software to complete the unlock.

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