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Samsung G800 – The new Hi-Five

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Samsung G800 – The new Hi-Five
Here is the new high end wonder from Samsung. It seems that the manufacturer is busy in observing the trends of the market and making conglomeration of various features in a single device. Well, whatever be the motto, it’s always the end result that matters. And as long as Samsung is producing good design and feature loaded phones it’s always welcome. Samsung has recently launched Samsung G800 which is a 5 mega pixel camera featuring various cool systems. This mobile phone is a successor of the already launched Samsung G600 phone which we have already reviewed. Samsung G800 has various features which makes it distinctive in various manners from its predecessor. Some of the most notable features are the camera quality, storage and connectivity. If you have used the Samsung G600 and want to have a high end version of the phone then you can eye on the new Samsung G800. This camera phone has a well balanced look and feel that makes it much easy to operate than other phones of the similar range. Samsung G800 features better camera integration along with a delicate body. The camera features a xenon flash which makes it more usable during odd hours also.

The new Samsung G800 has all the required features which you can expect from a high end cell phone. This phone features Bluetooth, USB support, fast connectivity and stereo speakers. It’s rumored that this phone would include 3G or HSDPA but we can’t confirm it yet. This stylish phone features a special leather cover which ensures a better hand grip. And one of the most notable features of this phone is the stylish lens lid which adeptly covers the lens and xenon flash of this camera.

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At June 2, 2008 at 10:50 PM, Blogger Malc said...

Cyber-shot Sony Ericsson K850i is one of the best campera phone nowadays....they improved the Cyber-shot series plus it accommodates both Memory Stick Micro and microSD memory cards for storage and that's the biggest advantage from other.

But let us also consider the Samsung’s Premiere Snapshooter SGH-G800 again it's also one of the best camera phones in the market.

Well for the conclusion, I must own first both so I can able to compare which one is the best camera phone....


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