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LG KU 950 – the 360 connection

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LG KU 950 – the 360 connection
LG has recently launched its innovative range of cell phone which has some of the unique features. The latest LG KU 950 enjoys the new bandwagon of stylish phones from LG. this phone has a seamless design which is unique and very innovative. The new LG KU 950 is waiting for its worldwide release. The specifications and design of this phone is already making news and I am sure some gadget lovers must be desperately waiting for its arrival. LG KU 950 is a HSDPA tri band GSM phone. This phone is quite sleek and has a seamless body. The over all thickness of this phone is 102x 52.6x 18.9 mm. this phone features a front panel which can rotate 360º. This 2.4 inches screen has a 240x 320 pixels resolution with 256K color TFT display. The rotating screen of this phone makes it more stylish than other LG phones. The 2.4 inches screen gives a wide screen experience and the resolution makes it more attractive. You can get 72 channels polyphonic and MP3 ringtones with the new LG KU 950. The sound quality of this phone is quite melodious though there isn’t anything out of ordinary in this phone. This phone has a 50 MB internal memory and comes with a microSD card slot through which you can increase your phone memory. This phone is GPRS and Bluetooth enabled and you also get 3G with this phone. The 1.3 mega pixel camera is not that modified though but is a good option. You also get a secondary VGA video call camera in this phone. This phone comes with a DVB-HTV broadcast receiver which helps you to connect your phone with TV transmission. Overall the new LG KU950 is an innovative phone by design not by anything else than that.

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At November 3, 2008 at 1:07 AM, Blogger Jasmine said...

I bought my LG ku360 about 4-6 months ago... and i'm now experiencing problems with either the microphone or something to do with the connection because when i speak to people on the phone i sound very quite to them and kind of fade in and out of volume at times. even tho i speak in a loud strong voice. Whats with this? it's such a new phone.

Troubled Voice fader =)


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