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Toshiba TG03 - The first Windows Phone 7 series

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Toshiba TG03

Toshiba Australia is looking to enter the Smartphone market with a new Windows 7 TG03 series model. Toshiba already has a series of smartphones available, including the TG01, which was launched last year with Windows Mobile 6.1 on board, and the TG02 and K01.

The Toshiba TG03 will be a variant of the existing TG01 and will feature a 5-megapixel camera and 3 channel speaker with 5.1 sound – it was intended to be launched with Windows Mobile 6.5, but now it most seemingly might be delayed to get Windows Phone 7 Series on board.

Toshiba are confident that it has that capabilities to take full advantage of the Windows Phone 7 OS and is intent on delivering a new series of applications which will work both on its mobile computers which include Toshiba notebooks and netbooks. Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia Information Systems Division, said “Toshiba Australia is seriously looking at what opportunities are out there for us in the Smartphone market. We are talking to retailers and carriers. I have a model in my draw and we will make a decision shortly”

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