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AlgePrep App for iPhones Released for Students

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As far as kids are concerned (and some teens), learning Algebra may not necessarily be the best subject they would be raving about. But just the same, we all know that Algebra is part of the learning process and sooner or later kids will have to deal with it.

Thanks to technology and the continuous development of software apps, the AlgePrep App can act as a virtual tutor to help hone up the Algebra skills that kids find hard to master. However, Modality brings a new kind of app for the iPhone or the iPod Touch, something handy that should condition the educational assistance that kids would need.

The AlgePrep app series focuses on a key algebra topic and features a “Practice Test” to help students build skills and gain confidence. The revolutionary capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch enable students to access a variety of learning content just by tapping the device screen. Questions in the “Practice Test” provide immediate feedback to the user in the form of quick tips and step-by-step video solutions from Elayn Martin-Gay.

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