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Star Trek Game Beams Onto IPhone, IPod Touch

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EA has just released a Star Trek game for the iPhone/iPod touch and its available now.

Star Trek, while nice looking enough in these screens, looks to be a pretty standard shooter. You steer the Enterprise with the accelerometer, tap the screen to fire and, if you live, watch Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk embrace after, at long last, cleansing the Universe of those pesky non-human, non-Vulcan races. It looks to be fun despite its non-unique gameplay.

Star Trek is $3 at the App Store now, and it looks lots better than that official phaser game released a few weeks back. Boy, the apps and promotion for that movie seems to be flowing out like ink from a broken pen. Hopefully, the movie lives up to the hype.

Anyone here seen the movie? Is it any good?



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