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Telestial offers dual-number SIM card

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Telestial, the largest online travel communications retailer, announces the launch of the Telestial dual-number Passport Roaming SIM, with U.S. and U.K. global cell phone service all in one. The service provides a U.S. and U.K. number, where both numbers are active simultaneously.

The traveler can be called at any time on either the U.S. +1 number or the U.K. +44 number and will also receive text messages on either number. The dual-number Passport SIM provides two mobile services, with two numbers with the ease of a single, prepaid account balance.

The dual-number SIM means that customers who'd like a U.S. and international number no longer need to carry two phones, or one phone and multiple SIM cards. The dual-number Passport SIM is prepaid and works in over 130 countries around the world. Compared to costly international roaming rates that range from $1-5 USD per minute depending on the traveler's location, the new Telestial dual-number Passport SIM provides customers low calling rates overseas.

New Telestial Dual-Number SIM Features Include:

* Calls made from the dual-number SIM: From $0.49 USD per minute
* Incoming calls made to the U.K. number: Free in over 50 countries (including the United States and Canada)
* Incoming calls made to the U.S. number: $0.19 USD per minute
* Text messages made from the dual-number SIM: $0.69 USD
* Text messages received to U.K. number: Free
* Text messages received to U.S. number: $0.10 USD

When customers travel overseas, they can provide friends, family and colleagues with a U.S. number to reach them at anytime, saving them from having to make expensive international calls. For international contacts, either the U.S. or the U.K. number can be distributed. Business travelers can correspond with their international colleagues as well as their American colleagues without switching phones and frequent leisure travelers have the added simplicity of only needing one phone.

The service also provides significant savings for international travelers coming to the U.S. Instead of paying an average of $1.50 USD per minute for all calls made in the United States, international travelers coming to the U.S. will benefit from much lower outgoing costs of $0.49 USD and incoming costs of $0.19 USD.

Telestial Dual Number Passport Roaming SIMs can be purchased at for $29 USD, which includes a $10 USD calling credit.

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