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Android 1.5 features YouTube and Picasa uploading

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Google today announced that you can now use your Android-powered phone to record and then even upload them to Youtube.

Video uploads is one of several new features and improvements for the new Android 1.5 release:

* YouTube: record and easily upload videos to YouTube.
* Picasa Web Albums: upload photos directly to your Picasa Web Albums.
* Gmail: multiple-thread selection to easily archive, delete, label or mute several threads at once.
* Search by voice: improved speech recognition.

When uploading your video to YouTube you will have full control of your privacy. You can make your videos available to the entire Internet or to invited friends. This Android update also enables easier Picasa uploading by reducing the number of clicks needed to share your pictures with others. Like YouTube, after taking a picture tap 'share' when viewing a photo and select Picasa.

Like Gmail on the desktop, Gmail for Android 1.5 allows "batch edit". Instead of selecting and archiving dozens of emails on the phone, one email at a time, you can now select multiple Gmail conversations and act on all of them as a group, saving time for the more important stuff.

Google has also made it even easier to search with your voice by improving speech recognition.


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