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LogMeIn Ignition for the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Unveiled at WES 2009

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The ability to access and control a computer from a BlackBerry Storm smartphone is coming soon from LogMeIn. LogMeIn Ignition for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone will allow users to access their Internet-connected Windows- and Mac-based computers from virtually anywhere and work as if they were sitting in front of them.

“BlackBerry smartphone users are accustomed to being productive while on-the-go; LogMeIn extends users’ mobility by making their office and home computers fully accessible from their smartphone,” said Kevin Farrell, vice president and general manager, Digital Living at LogMeIn. “Ignition will be optimized for use with the BlackBerry Storm and make it easy for anyone to carry the power of their computer with them virtually anywhere-without the weight.”

To fit your computer desktop to the small screen, you can zoom, scroll and select all with just a flick of a fingertip. Typing is available by activating a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard, as well as special keyboards, including function keys, tab, ESC and navigation arrows.

LogMeIn Ignition is compatible with Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn IT Reach or LogMeIn Free, and Mac OS X computers running LogMeIn Free.

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At May 22, 2009 at 10:12 AM, Blogger Serge said...

How about "price-wise"? LogMeIn is ridiculous when it comes to pricing. I use both Teamviewer ( and Techinline ( which I find to get the job done all the same at a much lower price


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