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Rumor: Palm Pre to be Available by April 30th?

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Palm Pre

It’s far from an official word, but then again, everybody is using Twitter nowadays. A Twitter conversation from Jim Van, CEO of Logicomm, indicates that someone (probably from Sprint) said that the Palm Pre will be released on 4/30. Of course, there isn’t any concrete evidence of this just yet, but considering that it’s not that far off, we’re hoping it’s true. In case you didn’t notice it in the picture, the tweet says:

@heeeyrold @dberube We do a lot of betas 4 Sprint. Also testing WiMax fones. Not sure if Pre is final. Release dte of 4/30, so I’m told..

@darthpooh79 Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there…he’s usually right on #Palm Pre


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