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iPhones Unlocked On Retailer

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It appears that online retailer is now offering the British-buying public unlocked iPhones.

In a move that seems a little strange, has order pages live for both 8GB and 16GB models.

The 8GB model is offered in’s words as “Sim Free / Unlocked” and is up for grabs for £549.99 with free delivery. The 16GB model is priced at £649.99. Not cheap, but then again, unlocked iPhones are a pretty rare commodity these days.

From the website:

This is a genuine Sim Free mobile phone and therefore unlocked to all UK networks.
It is not unlocked from a UK or European network and is available due to EU legislation ensuring the sale of sim free mobile phones.
Comes with a full manufacturer warranty.

In the US iPhone operator AT&T is now offering “commitment-free” iPhones from $599 and in the UK O2 recently made changes to contract iPhone pricing to tempt more customers into trying it out.


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