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Palringo iPhone adds location, distance and maps

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iPhone users looking for their nearest friends need only to glance at their screen, thanks to the addition today of location functionality to Palringo’s popular rich messaging application. From today, a user looking down their contact list sees not only the location of his or her Palringo contacts - typically a town name - but also how far away that contact is.
Palringo iPhone

In the next update, a further click will bring up a map showing the location of that contact and also the location of any other Palringo contacts within a 10km radius. The upcoming update will also include a new location function, allow a user to display his/her own location on a map - highly convenient if visiting somewhere for the first time.

“Just knowing where someone is can be really useful, and knowing how far away they are is even better. The prospect of knowing where someone is before you start adds a whole new dimension to your conversation,” said Kerry Ritz, Palringo’s CEO. “It can eliminate worry and will probably mean the end of a lot of unnecessary ‘Where are you?’ calls. And soon you’ll pretty much be able to watch your friend, a few minutes late for your rendezvous, approaching on a map,” he added.


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