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Addicted to YouTube? Then you need TubeJunkies

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Are you addicted to YouTube? If so, TubeJunkies is a necessity. TubeJunkies by Hon Cheng Muh, is a special RSS reader for the iPod or iPhone which allows user to quickly and easily view their favorite videos as well as keep track of their YouTube subscriptions.

The default YouTube application does not do a good job of this, and in order to check for new videos you must search each user individually. TubeJunkies solves this problem by allowing the user to enter special criteria for videos.

For example, a user can have TubeJunkies search for new videos via video tags, specific users, or a text search. When new videos are found the user will be able to tell via the main ipod screen (there will be a small number in the top right corner of the TubeJunkies icon representing the number of new videos).

From the main screen of TubeJunkies users can manage their subscriptions. The subscriptions can be re-ordered or deleted. There is also a refresh button on the bottom left hand corner, which can be used to refresh individual subscriptions.

Two additional buttons on the main menu give the option of marking all videos as viewed or unviewed. Videos will load directly in the app, preventing long loading times. Overall this app is great for those people who use YouTube compulsively, although at $5.99 it is a little pricey.


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