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A look at Chess Pro and Chess Lite

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For any chess lovers out there, Chess Pro or Lite by is a must. As anyone who has played chess before will tell you, the game of chess can provide hours or even days of brain racking game play.
Chess Pro and Chess Lite

These two versions of chess stay true to the real experience of playing chess and are a great value. The main menu of the game allows you to begin a new game, resume your lat game, load a previously saved game, and toggle the audio. When beginning a new game, the player is given the options to play single player white or black (versus the game’s AI), or play with two human players. When playing versus the game, the lite version is automatically set to medium difficulty.

In the pro version, players can choose the option of setting the AI to easy, medium, or hard. Another difference between the two versions is the board where game play occurs. In the lite version the pieces and board are 2D, while in the pro version pieces are realistic looking and in 3D.

Both games have great features, including a timer in the top right corner during game play. On the bottom of the screen players can get a hint from the game, save their progress to continue the game later, or undo moves. To move a piece, you simply press the piece and then press one of the corresponding circles which show you where you can move that particular piece. This is a great feature for those who are new to the game of chess as it helps players learn how pieces can move. If an opposing player’s piece is in a spot where it can be taken, it will have a red circle surrounding it.

Another useful feature is that the game will leave a circle where the last piece was moved from, and a circle where that piece has moved to. If the player is stumped, they can use the hint button on the bottom of the screen. This will highlight one of the player’s pieces in blue, and highlight a square on the board blue, indicating where you should move your piece.

The pro version gives the option of playing different chess variants, including suicide and losers. Chess Pro also allows users to change the theme of the board to metallic, which is a grayscale and shiny board, wood, which is a classic looking board, or 2D which is the lite version.

Both lite and pro versions have an intuitive 2 player mode where the chess board will rotate to give the player whose turn it is a better view of the board. The pro version is $3.99 and the lite is .99. Both versions are great but if you don’t need the variants or don’t mind the 2D graphics, I’d recommend the lite.

Chess Pro

Chess Lite


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