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Now Available: Days Until (iPhone/iTouch)

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The “DaysTo Mardi Gras” iPhone app was recently added to the App Store. There are some who may find the need to know this unit of time important and there may well be folks who find this a great way to spend $0.99 of their money.

What is even more interesting though is that there are 30 of these DaysTo apps and they all do the same thing - as in, count down the remaining days until: a Birthday, game, wedding, anniversary, movie, concert, exam, baby, and so on.

But it strikes me that maybe you could have ONE app that allows you to count the days to any and all of these sort of events and have it be very popular, rather than pumping them out at $0.99 apiece and milking the idea to death. Well luckily there is one and best of all it is free.

Days Until lets you count down to any date that you choose and is fully customizable so if you’re looking for an app that counts down to dates then save yourself some money and download this one.


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At February 22, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to agree that there are way to many of these daysTo apps on the app store... I'll admit that I've tried "days until" as well as a lot of the paid apps. Most are sluggish, and complex to use. A simple app should be simple. After spending over 15 bucks for this type of app, I settled down with "Time Until":

That one actually delivers.


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