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New Gresson Avantgarde Skeleton Powered by Windows Mobile

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For the new model Gresso drew inspiration from complicated Swiss Skeleton watches, the company is introducing its new luxury smartphone call Avantgrade Skeleton. Similarly to that of Skeleton watches the back panel of the new model is executed of hand-polished sapphire crystal of 42K. The unique feature of Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton is the scratchproof high-tech ceramic coverage. This is the material of which the high temperature protection on spaceships is made. Ceramics’ solidity is second to that of diamond only.

The case of the phone is executed of special titanium alloy which has been used originally in space industry only. It has the virtues of being hypo-allergenic and resistant to temperature and corrosion, but it requires a very much more complex specialist surface finishing process.

23 functional keys and the triangle on the front panel are executed of aircraft steel. The sapphire glass on the back panel is decorated with the Gresso logo covered with 10 micron gold. Roman numerals on the keyboard are an innovation by Gresso. Another invention patented by the company is the magnetic lock of the battery cover. The cover is executed of stainless steel and decorated with genuine leather.

The Avantgrade Skeleton is provided with Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 2 Gb memory, SMS/MMS/e-mail, Internet explorer, Outlook, WAP 2.0, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB-port, mini-USB, PC Synchronization, voice recorder, MP3-player, 2 MP camera

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