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Mobile Social Network BuddyMob Reaches Top 5 on Android Market

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Since its launch as a private beta test on December 1st 2008, geo-localised social network and micro-blogging mobile application BuddyMob has reached the top 5 on the Android Market in the social category. To date, the BuddyMob beta trial has experienced over 10,000 download requests and currently has more than 5,118 active community members. Free to use, BuddyMob is ad-funded by using a combination of location-based advertising and adverts served according to a user’s profile.

Acting as a social network and instant messenger integrator, BuddyMob allows users to:

* Post a range of text and geo-tagged multimedia content to their live feed
* Simultaneously cross post to all their favourite social sites
* Keep up to date with friends’ live feeds from other social networks such as Twitter
* Chat to friends using the complete integration with instant messenger applications such as MSN and GoogleTalk
* Find out where friends are and what they are doing using GoogleMaps
* Receive location alerts when friends are close

Available on Android-enabled phones, BuddyMob currently integrates with Twitter, MSN, GoogleTalk and Jabber. The company is currently working on integrating other IM services and many more social networks such as AIM ahead of commercial deployment.

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