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Buy your iPhone from AT&T and activate it at home

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All iPhone 3G buyers who loathe the thought of having to go into an AT&T store to activate your newly purchased phone can celebrate today as AT&T has finally enabled home activation for the iPhone 3G. This time it is not some pre-pre-activation process, this is actually the ability to get it up and running from the comfort of your home.

Buy the phone online, receive it at your home, and activate the phone via iTunes remotely. While we haven’t spoken to any of our sources to confirm this yet, did speak to three customer service reps as well as someone in the office of the President - each confirming that at-home activation is a go and working just fine.

Note that for the time being, it looks like only new account and new line activations apply. Those looking to upgrade your current equipment will still have to head down to a store to complete their activation or service changes. This news will still make for a very happy iPhone 3G home shopping experience for new customers this holiday season.


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