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Flickr Mobile Revamped with New Video Sharing Feature

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Flickr has just revamped its mobile site with new added features and enhancements. You can now browse and view Flickr videos on your iPhone and iPod Touch. All videos uploaded starting yesterday will be available in its mobile site. Although only iPhone and iPod Touch is supported for now, Flickr will soon add more mobile devices support to view the videos.

Here are some other improvements posted on the company blog,

* The activity stream now has more information in it, all synched to the settings you specify on the main Flickr site. For the first time you can now comment on, and favorite, photos from your mobile phone. And it’s also wonderfully simple to add, find, and manage your contacts.
* Emailing photos from your mobile phone to Flickr also gets a little easier. We’ve made your secret Flickr upload email address a cinch to find and use. Just enter it in your address book under the name “Flickr”, then email us whenever you shoot something interesting.


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