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Rumor: Apple to Sell $99 4GB iPhone 3G?

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The latest rumor from BGR is saying that Apple will be releasing a new 4GB iPhone 3G, to be sold at WalMart store in US. The 4GB iPhone 3G will be priced at $99 and will also come with a 2 year contract. This isn’t 100% confirmed though but it will definitely further increase Apple iPhone share on the smartphone market if this is happening!

With a lower selling price and less built in memory, the $99 iPhone will still stick to AT&T network. It is not sure that if there will be new service contract package with lower monthly subscription fee together with this.

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At December 9, 2008 at 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Article.
I just bought a Ciphone 16GB quad-band 3.2'' touch screen Camera FM bluetooth fu on , Save 35% off.


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