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MELODIS Unveils Adds Support Voice Dialer for Apple iPhone

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MELODIS has unveiled MELODIS Voice Dialer, its latest user-friendly freeware application for the Apple iPhone. Developed using MELODIS’s voice recognition and search technology, MELODIS Voice Dialer scales to ensure fast, accurate results even when searching through thousands of contact names.

Powered by the company’s Crystal Engine, the MELODIS Voice Dialer automatically indexes all contact information stored on the iPhone without the user having to re-enter it. To activate the MELODIS Voice Dialer, the user simply presses and holds the application button on the iPhone screen and begins to speak. To call Michael Smith, for example, users can say “Michael Smith”, “call Michael Smith”, “call Michael”, and so on. Saying “call” before the name automatically dials the number. Users can also specify whether they want to call the contact at home, at work or on their cell phone.

MELODIS Voice Dialer is available for free on the iPhone App Store and is supported by non-intrusive mobile advertising. For a product demo, visit


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