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AOL and RIM to Bring AOL Mail, AIM and ICQ Services to BlackBerry Smartphones Worldwide

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AOL and Research In Motion today announced the availability of AOL’s AIM and ICQ instant messaging services as well as AOL Mail on BlackBerry smartphones. The integration allows consumers around the world to access the services directly from their BlackBerry smartphone and communicate in real-time with business associates, family, friends and other contacts.

The free AIM and ICQ applications will allow users to have a rich IM experience that is deeply integrated with their BlackBerry smartphone. From their BlackBerry smartphone, AIM and ICQ users can also:

* Access Buddy List features including the ability to see if contacts are online and available to chat (i.e. presence);
* Set customized away messages and manage their AIM or ICQ online status (e.g. available, away, in a meeting, etc.) directly from the BlackBerry smartphone’s home screen without launching the AIM or ICQ application;
* Set alerts to notify them when a contact’s online availability changes;
* Select the Auto Sign-In option which will automatically sign them into AIM or ICQ when their BlackBerry smartphone is powered on;
* Use Picture IM to send and receive images;
* Log and save IM conversations for personal records or to email them to other contacts; and
Select from a collection of pre-set emoticons to further customize their instant messages.

AOL Mail for BlackBerry smartphones leverages the “push” architecture inherent in the BlackBerry platform and AOL’s notification services to automatically deliver AOL Mail messages virtually simultaneously to the user’s online account as well as to the user’s BlackBerry smartphone. The status of messages that have been sent, read, replied to, forwarded or deleted from the smartphone are automatically reflected in the user’s online AOL Mail account. BlackBerry smartphone users with software version 4.5 or higher will also be able to view HTML email, download attachments and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the smartphone.

AOL Mail, AIM and ICQ for BlackBerry smartphones are available now in the U.S. and are expected to become available in other countries around the world over the coming months.

More information on setting up AOL Mail on a BlackBerry smartphone is available at or at

The native AIM and ICQ applications for BlackBerry smartphones can be downloaded from


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