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Virgin Mobile USA Begins to Integrate Handsets & Voice Plans With Helio Devices & Service

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On August 22, 2008, Virgin Mobile USA completed its acquisition of Helio, the mobile telecommunications company best known for its advanced mobile services and exclusive high-end connection devices. Today, Virgin Mobile USA unveiled its new branding message to highlight the acquisition: “Helio By Virgin Mobile: Plan To Have It All.”

Virgin Mobile
Immediate plans include the launch of the Shuttle, Virgin Mobile USA’s first handset enabled to integrate such Helio services as Buddy Beacon; and the enhancement of Helio’s $80 A La Carte plan, effective today, to include Unlimited Minutes rather than the current 1500 minute allocation.

The new terms of the Helio A La Carte plan, which mirror Virgin Mobile USA’s Totally Unlimited prepaid voice plan at $79.99, will be available for current and future Helio members. More information is available at

The transition for Helio’s approximate 170,000 postpaid members and Virgin Mobile’s 5 million prepaid customers has been seamless. For now, the two customer care services and sales operations are separate, with further integration planned over the next several months.

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