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Verizon Wireless Now Offers Usage Controls and Chaperone 2.0 Service for Parents

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Verizon Wireless has just announced the Usage Controls, it is an online service providing customers the ability to better manage and control how they use their wireless phones. Usage Controls will also help parents comfortably and confidently provide wireless service for their children, by managing what content they are viewing or understanding if they are accruing additional costs.
Verizon Wireless

Usage Controls are accessed through the My Verizon Web site and customers can change or update their settings under the My Services tab. With the service, customers can:

* Set thresholds for voice minutes;
* Set specific limits for text, picture, instant and video messaging as part of pay-as-you-go or message bundle plans;
* Set time of day restrictions for data use and messaging;
* Create lists of “trusted” and “blocked” numbers (calls to 911 will always be allowed to connect);
* Employ content filters.

Usage Controls are available for a $4.99 monthly subscription for each line. Customers must have a Nationwide Calling Plan - either Family Share or single line - to take advantage of Usage Controls. Parents can also add Chaperone 2.0 to their accounts for $9.99 per line per month. Chaperone 2.0 provides all the same features parents have come to rely on, along with enhancements including:

* The ability to locate multiple Chaperone Child devices at the same time;
* Family SMS Messaging that allows a text message to be sent to one or more Chaperone Child phones from the Chaperone Parent application or Chaperone Web site;
* Changes to the Child Zone® settings, allowing parents to add time and date settings or multiple children per Child Zone;
* Integration with VZ Navigator, allowing parents with VZ Navigator subscriptions to receive turn-by-turn directions to their child’s location; and
* An improved Chaperone Web site that’s easier to use.


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