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RIM: Ain’t Afraid of the 3G iPhone

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A spokesman from Research in Motion said that they are actually currently excited waiting for the strongest second half of their company ever. This comment was made after Research in Motion, the mind behind the infamous smartphone, BlackBerry, released the company’s financial results during the first quarter. However, RIM provided a low financial result for the second quarter which is actually lower than they expected.

But RIM is not losing hope. They foresee their second quarter to have a net of at least 84 up to 89 cents every share. They also expect their revenue to be within the range of $2.55 up to $2.65 billion, which is higher than what others estimated.

As of the moment, RIM isplanning to launch advertisements and campaigns in other parts of the world including Europe as well as areas in North America. This is in collaboration with their new products that will be soon launched. Aside from that, they are already investing in new development centers in United States and also in Germany.

When one analyst asked if RIM is seeing a tough competition between the BlackBerry and the 3G iPhone, RIM Spokesman simply replied “Naaahhhh.” They, and analyst Deepak Chopra, believe that the market of smartphones is rapidly growing making enough room for both Apple Inc. and RIM to continue developing. Deepak Chopra even mentioned that these two tough smartphones are just two percent of the total handset in the global market.

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