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The real threat to 3G iPhone – LG Dare

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Since Steve Jobs have revealed the excellent features of the second-generation iPhone, mobile phone makers are trying to find a way to beat the 3G iPhone or at least match it. They also developed and launched all of a sudden their own version of the 3G iPhone and included the touch screen feature as well. So far, no other phone comes close to the 3G iPhone than the latest from LG called Dare.

Those who spent some time with the Dare last week said that most of them went home with the LG Dare on their mind. They were pretty much impressed with the LG Dare. The latest device from LG is slim and can be placed in a pocket easily. Most of the interface of the LG Dare was also revised and improved. It has a 3-inch screen that is bright and three buttons at the edge.

The LG Dare also has a touch screen feature just like that of the 3G iPhone. The menu system is just a tap away. They can even have a customized home screen like in a desktop computer. The LG Dare functions simply like a desktop computer where you can drag and drop the shortcuts for the application of your choice, making it more accessible for the users.

However, LG Dare has something that the 3G iPhone don’t have. Dare’s camera has 3.2 megapixels where as the iPhone only have 2. Aside from that, Dare also has a face detection software. The device also has a panorama shooting mode and a lens to have that optimal picture quality.
LG Dare will be sold in the market for only $200, just like the 8GB model of 3G iPhone. Tech-analysts said that aside from the 3G iPhone, the LG Dare is the smartphone to beat.

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