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Next Generation iPhone

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The winners of the Design The Next iPhone, Win The Next iPhone Contest were announced in The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, a magazine designed as a comprehensive resource of the latest iPod and iPhone news including sneak peaks, tutorials, pictures submitted by iLounge’s readers, and special announcements.
The winners of the Next iPhone contest who submitted cool concepts representing their vision of how the future iPhone model will look like and what would be its best functionalities, are:

Next Generation iPhone iPhone twist designed by Christopher Doan from Toronto, Canada. He won the Grand Prize consisting of 1 2008 iPhone. Christopher sees the next iPhone as a handset that transforms into a smart device at a twist of your hand. When flipped open it reveals a touch-sensitive keyboard and a multi-touchpad, while if you twist and close it back, it becomes the full-featured iPhone that you already know. iPhone Twist has 3G support, Bluetooth, fast wireless connectivity, Mobile iChat for video conferences, picture-to-text conversion tool, e-book/PDF reader, native to-do lists, multimedia player, copy-paste function, and VoIP support.
Next Generation iPhone
Next Generation iPhone Heir Apparent was created by Robert Davis Cornelius from North Carolina, USA, who the Runner-Up of $100 iTunes Gift Card for the thin, crystal clear handset design, featuring Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, 3G, 64GB hard drive, a built-in 5MP camera and customizable user interface.
Next Generation iPhone iPhone shuffle designed by Michael Hornbek from Hornslet, Denmark won the Grand Prize, 1 2008 iPhone. The design concept here is simple but amazing. iPhone shuffle has no display and calls random people.
Next Generation iPhone iPhone 3G, the Aaron Besson’s version, a guy from Trinidad + Tobago, received the Grand Prize consisting of 1 2008 iPhone, whileiPhone Mirage from John Mars (Ballston Lake, New York, USA) won the Runner-Up of $100 iTunes Gift Card.
Next Generation iPhone Iphone Mirage has a glossy black exterior and when turned On the logo and home button come to life and change color depending on the iPhone’s status. Mirage would feature also haptics, like the Samsung Instinct for a tactile feedback at fingers’ touch, stylus, handwriting recognition, biometric fingerprint, induction surface for cable-free charging, a built-in 1.3MP camera for video conferences, and a built-in 5MP camera with flash and zooming functionality at a pinch of the screen.
Next Generation iPhone Aaron Besson’s iPhone 3G concept measures 4 x 2.75 x 0.55 inches meaning smaller and lighter than the known model, and sports a black satin housing with chrome buttons. There would be a built-in 3MP camera with LED flash, and a user-configurable sliding QWERTY keyboard featuring haptics.


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