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The “Dear Steve” letter would try to gather 10,000 more Canadians to petition an iPhone rate relief

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The 3G iPhone took a long time before it crossed the borders of Canada. However, it is not the reason why thousands of Canadians were upset during this weekend.

As of the moment, it is only the Rogers Communications, the biggest mobile carrier in Canada that has the right to sell the 3G iPhone from Apple Inc. in the country. Recently, it already announced its voice as well as data plans for the potential buyers of the 3G iPhone. Unfortunately, these would-be customers are frustrated with the high price since it is too expensive compared to the service plan released by AT&T in United States and the service plan in United Kingdom. These angry Canadians havealready made several ways to let their feelings and points of view known in different websites such as the eh Mac, blog.r4nt, GeekCulture, as well as CBCnews.

However, the most pungent and the biggest protest as of now is the through the letter campaign. The “Dear Steve” letter can be viewed at the The goal of the letter was to get 10,000 more names on or before July 11. This is also the same date that the 3G iPhone will be in the Canadian market. Currently, there are now more than 15,500 Canadians who said NO to Rogers Communication. Free Download software | Tìm kiếm Phim | Xem phim online | Sử dụng laptop | Download phim | Download software

To view the whole open letter addressed to Steve Jobs, you can visit

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