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After a year, iPhone still allures early buyers

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According to a survey conducted, most of the people who purchased the first-generation iPhone last year are still willing to buy the new 3G iPhone when it hits the market on July 11 especially that the latest device is faster yet cheaper.

One year after the first-generation iPhone was released, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. aims to entice the customers by releasing a smartphone worth $199 which will surely compete with the devices from Samsung Electronics Co. and alike. The early users of the iPhone who paid as much as $599 said that they will also fall in line and be the first ones to buy the new generation iPhone even if there are already numerous “iPhone killers” that are inexpensive as well.

Wilson, one of the staff of National Geographic, said that he is excited about the price drop of the 3G iPhone. He also purchased the original iPhone a year ago and now that the 3G iPhone will be in the market by July 11, he will probably give his current iPhone to one of his family members and buy a new one. He said that the device from the Apple Inc. is worth every penny.

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