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3G iPhone has an advantage over BlackBerry Bold

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Although RIM does not admit that they find the 3G iPhone as a rival, they added a new device called BlackBerry Bold 9000 that is said to be the toughest competitor of 3G iPhone so far. However, when the Apple Inc. will be releasing their device by July 11, RIM will be releasing the BlackBerry Bold 9000 later than expected.

Research in Motion does not wish to comment and tell more details. But there are already tons of speculations roaming all over the blogosphere. Rumors had it that RIM announced that the BlackBerry Bold will not be able to reach the stores until the month of August although they mentioned before that they are planning to have it ready by July. The announcement was made during the Wireless Enterprise Symposium happened in Orlando.

According to the infamous blog – Boy Genius Report, the BlackBerry Bold will not be available for the network of AT&T because there are still some problems with the device. There are software issues, issues regarding the lifespan of the battery, as well as overheating. Aside from that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 still needs to acquire certification from AT&T.

RIM released BlackBerry Bold 9000 hoping to beat the 3G iPhone before the public get their hands on the device. Unfortunately, they were in a rush so they weren’t able to smooth things out before July.

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