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Momail Now Supports iPhone and Samsung Omnia

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As the handset specifications were officially released after the companies’ respective launches on June 9th, Momail can confirm support for the new iPhone 3G and the Samsung Omnia.iPhone 3G and the Samsung Omnia

“These devices will sell large volumes and their specifications makes them very suitable for consumer mobile email and Momail. Our server based solution gives us the possibility to add support for new devices very fast and today we support over 80 percent of devices shipped. So, with Momail, iPhone and Omnia users will soon be able to enjoy the world’s smallest, smartest and most cost-effective mobile email, says Roger Grönberg, CEO of Momail.

Momail have already launched support for a number of other “super mobiles” which will soon be on the market, including the HTC Touch Diamond, LG Secret, Nokia N96 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

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