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Samsung D780 Duos

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Samsung mobileSamsung makes us another surprise by announcing a new Dual SIM cell phone named Samsung D780 Duos, an elegant model with almost the same features as the previous Dual SIM released on the market by the same company, the D880 Duos, but with a less-impressive camera.

If Samsung D880 Duos has a 3.15MP camera, the new D780 Duos comes with just 2MP but I say it’s enough to take some nice pictures while on the go. Cell Phones are not as advanced as digital cameras anyway.
With a 2MP camera, an enhanced design, smaller display size f 2.1 inches compared with the 2.3 inches of the previous model, no EDGE support, a stereo FM radio and mobile printing instead of TV-Out, the D780 Duos has the most important elements of a today cell phone and will be available next month at half price compared with the D880 Duos, meaning a suggested retail price estimated at around $300.
Samsung mobile

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