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“Call Me” Button Acts Like a Toll-Free Number While Keeping Your Phone Number Private

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Mobivox announced the launch of its new “Call Me” button. You can place the Call Me button into the e-mail signatures or onto social network profiles, blogs, auction sites and other Web pages, enabling you to receive calls from around the world, while keeping your phone numbers me free

When the Call Me button is clicked, a Call Me page appears containing an online form to initiate the call to the Mobivox member. The Call Me button then connects the call after the Mobivox member has been identified as being available. The Call Me button also acts like a toll-free number for the call initiator. Not only does the Call Me button keep the member’s phone number hidden, but members can also configure the button to direct calls to an alternate number.

Yaphe explains, “When I am in Montreal, I configure my button to call me at the office, whereas when I am traveling, I can direct it to my mobile phone. It essentially follows me wherever I am.” The button can also be configured to restrict certain calls and can be activated or deactivated at will.

Source [mobivox]


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