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iPhone Like Samsung Instinct for Sprint

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Sprint and Samsung Mobile today announced the upcoming availability of a new wireless device, Samsung Instinct. Exclusively available from Sprint, the touch screen phone has a large, vibrant touch screen featuring localized tactile feedback, called haptics, which allow the virtual QWERTY keypad and other operations to become a sensory experience. The device also offers a Voice to Action button providing many functions using voice activation including call, text, picture messaging, traffic, movie, sports, news and search.

Samsung mobile

As Sprint’s first EV-DO Rev A consumer-centric device, Samsung Instinct provides the ability to quickly browse the Web, access business or personal email, share pictures, listen to commercial-free radio and more at broadband speeds.

The offers three dedicated keys on the lower portion of the device to make operation of the device very straightforward and easy to navigate - phone, back and home. The phone key always takes the user back to essential voice calling and features including speed dial, visual voicemail, contacts and the dial pad. The back key is a consistent way to take a step back in the operation.
Samsung mobileThe home key on the Samsung Instinct provides quick access to the four menus of functionality included in this ground-breaking user interface:

* Favorites provides one-touch access to the things you do most, making customization and personalization extremely simple. Web sites, TV channels, text messaging friends and much more can be saved in the Favorites menu so the items used most are always at the user’s fingertips.
* Main includes applications such as Messaging, Voicemail, GPS Navigation and more.
* Fun takes you to Music, TV, photos, games and more.
* Web provides a fast, real Internet experience and all things Web-related, including weather and news.

Samsung mobileSamsung Instinct also provides support for corporate and consumer (POP3) email, multitasking capabilities that allow the user to play music in background mode while surfing the Internet, texting or playing games, a 2.0 megapixel camera with camcorder and expandable microSD memory of up to 8GB. Additional features include advanced stereo Bluetooth 2.0, integrated world clock, SMS voice and text messaging with threaded text, Phone as Modem, picture caller ID and Sprint Mobile Sync.

Pricing for Samsung Instinct has not yet been determined. Though, Samsung Instinct requires activation on a Sprint Everything pricing plan offering unlimited data starting at $69.99 per month.
Samsung mobile

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Google Android will beat them all.



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