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iPhone SDK Beta 2 - time to make things look good

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The major addition that the second beta of the iPhone SDK brings is the Interface Builder. This nifty little tool will allow you to drag and drop in order to build the user interface for your application.iPhone SDK Beta 2

Tools like that make it on par with languages such as Visual Basic which make building new apps fast, easy, and convenient. Granted, using the drag and drop method may not give you the appearance you really want, but using it to complete a large portion of the code for you, and then changing the way things look a bit is a lot easier than trying to reinvent the wheel every time you write a new app.

Apple also added in some new sample code and updated the documentation that comes with the SDK. Sadly there isn’t a simple update option for the new SDK, you actually have to go get it yourself, but it’s still free. Apple is also still reported to be limiting access to the App Store and still limiting the participation in the $99 iPhone Dev Program.


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