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YouTube Mobile 3G Enhancements & Java Beta Launchd.

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YouTube MobileYouTube announced enhacements for Mobile giving users access to the largest repository of mobile video content available, on over 100 million devices worldwide, and will give them more tools to personalize their experience.

YouTube for Mobile ( users will be able to access tens of millions of videos. YouTube for Mobile requires either a streaming capable (RTSP) phone as well as a 3G operator. This includes a majority of 3G phones from leading mobile phone manufacturers. YouTube works closely with many mobile partners to improve the user experience on YouTube for Mobile, including Motorola, LG, Helio, Nokia, and more.

Not only will users and partners have access to the largest mobile video catalog, they also will be able to personalize their experience. Users will now have access to features regularly used on YouTube, including their YouTube accounts, Favorites, Videos, Channels as well as the ability to directly upload from mobile devices and share videos instantly. Users also will now have the ability to rate and comment on videos directly from their mobile phones.

YouTube is also offering YouTube for Mobile via a free downloadable Java application for a limited number of mobile phones giving users a more interactive experience. Currently in beta and available in US and UK English, the application offers another way to access YouTube for Mobile. At this time, the YouTube for Mobile application is supported only on J2ME (Java) MIDP2 devices with streaming video capabilities. This includes the Sony Ericsson k800, w880, Nokia e65, Nokia n95, Nokia n73, Nokia 6110 navigator and 6120 classic.

The expansion of YouTube’s mobile offering will improve the user experience giving YouTube users the ability to engage the world of video anytime and anywhere. With more mobile functionality and features, YouTube for Mobile will also allow users to develop more innovative original content directly from their mobile devices and encourage new users to share and engage the community.

*YouTube for Mobile ( is available in the following countries and in the below languages:

Countries: United States, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany and Russia

Languages: English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), German, Russian


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