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Meizu iPhone clone makes public appearance

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iPhone cloneMeizu’s miniOne iPhone clone — also known as the M8 — has made an appearance at the ongoing CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany. The device on public display can only display four different images, but is said to closely mimic the interface of the iPhone, including its finger-flick touchscreen motions.

iPhone cloneTechnically the OS runs on top of Windows CE 6.0, but it looks, and works, just like the OS X Mobile interface on the iPhone, even the finger flicks are the same. They don’t currently have a fully functional handset, they have a handset that can display 4 different images, and then they have a prototype board that has a fully functional OS.
iPhone cloneOnce they get everything figured out and working in a handset, it will have a 3.4” touchscreen with a 720×480 resolution, a 3MP camera, and GPRS/EDGE (even the good knockoffs can’t give us a 3G iPhone) it also has TV-out and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. It will be launching in 6 months, hopefully.


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