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Yahoo! Announces Yahoo! onePlace Mobile Content Management

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Yahoo! today unveiled Yahoo! onePlace - a mobile content management solution.

Yahoo! onePlace will bring together a consumer's interests and important information into a single location. Everything is instantly organized, dynamically kept current, and served to them the way they want.
Mobile Content Management

For example, if a user is planning a holiday to Paris in June, he could create a "Paris" collection, and begin linking it to any information he thinks will be useful to him on his trip: weather conditions, city guides, restaurant reviews, hotel reservations, walking maps, songs of Edith Piaf, English-French dictionaries, winery recommendations, etc.

ahoo! onePlace will give consumers a single location to consume all of their information contextually, keeping it updated (so they know, for example, if their flight times have changed) and instantly accessible whenever and however they want it.

Yahoo! onePlace is designed to include the following features, which will allow consumers to:

* Centralized and open content management - Centralize and manage all the content they care about, from anywhere on the Internet, accessible from a single location and arranged to best meet their preferences. The product is also designed to allow consumers to link to any favorite content they've already personalized on the Yahoo! network (e.g., MyYahoo!, flickr,, or at other popular websites (e.g., Digg, Last.FM, reddit, Yelp).
* Personalized views - Enjoy their content based on their specific needs:
o Collections - Group content in a way that makes sense.
o Categories - Organize content according to commonly-used subjects (e.g., celebrities, local businesses, sports)
o Pulse - Stream updates relevant to users' content, such as flight status changes, new songs by a favorite music artist, or a restaurant review.
o Favorites - Surface the content a consumer uses most frequently.
o Dynamic updates - See previews for selected sources that are kept fresh throughout the day
o Mobile RSS reader - Use a mobile RSS reader integrated into Yahoo! onePlace
favorite feeds.
o Smart organization - Create a rich experience around a specific topic by grouping whatever content they find most useful.

Yahoo! onePlace is expected to launch, along with Yahoo! oneConnect, in Q2 2008


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