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Brando SIM-unlock card for iPhone

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Apparently the deal with this card is that you slide it into your iPhone and it somehow magically hardware unlocks your iPhone. I am not an electrical engineer, so I can’t tell you how well this thing will work, but if I had to guess, it won’t.

Although there does appear to be a chip, and not a memory one, maybe some sort of processor, that might be able to help accomplish the task, but I am still pretty skeptical. With the limited text from Brando, and their poorly translated product descriptions, I gather that you some how attach this to your SIM card and that’s how it works its magic, but do you attach it to the included AT&T SIM or to the SIM that you want to work.

Also, it apparently only works with firmwares up to 1.1.2, so if you have the latest update, no dice. If you want one, and are willing to give it a try, its $30.


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