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Is Modu Similar to Will Com's W-Sim in Japan?

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Modu SimilarToday Modu Wireless releases a teaser video on their upcoming product. Without any explaination but just the promotional video, people are guessing the functionality of the card they are showing. It looks really like the idea of W-SIM in Japan though.

Available in 2005, the W-Sim is a new technology used by Japanese PHS operator Willcom. The card is much larger than your normal sim card, but it can store your user data and also all the transmission technology needed for a mobile device to work, the built in antenna. By switching the W-SIM around, you can actually use the wireless service on different devices like mobile phone, laptop ... etc.

for example,

By putting in the card into a phone body, it gives the wireless capability to the phone so that you can make calls. The phone is also loaded with your profile, contacts which are stored inside the W-Sim card.
Modu Similar
By inserting the card into a headphone, you can enjoy your music and also make/recieve call with the headphone.
Modu Similar
and by using the W-SIM with a router, you can immediately share the wireless data connection with PC and laptops. The router below can even accept up to four W-Sim card to give you a faster data connection.
Modu Similar

Now check out the Modu Wireless video below.

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