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Sony Ericsson experts speak on music, gaming & Mobile TV in January 2008

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During January 2008, Sony Ericsson will be speaking at key industry events including CES and MIDEM, sharing technical expertise and business advice in the areas of mobile music, gaming and Mobile TV. Below you will find a brief description of each event with the dates and locations to put in your diary.

Running in parallel to the main CES 2008 event, Digital Hollywood at CES can be found in the Las Vegas Convention Center and Sony Ericsson is participating in two sessions:

January 6, 2008: Mobile TV & Video: The establishment of a platform

10:00-11:00: Track III, ME1, Mobile Entertainment
To understand the parameters and momentum behind the move to broadband and video on mobile platforms, it is critical to have a grasp of the technology and the devices which drive the system and define how the end-user will experience mobile video, film and TV. David Thompson, Content Acquisition Manger, Music and Video/ Mobile TV for Sony Ericsson, will be joining this debate with other experts from the fields of mobile technology, content and advertising, from companies who are playing a formative role in the evolution of the mobile broadband environment.

David Thompson.

January 6, 2008: Mobile & Broadband Music: New Platforms + New Technology + More Music + Dynamic Marketplace

13:00-14:00: Track III, ME3, Mobile Entertainment
The partnership among the music industry, mobile community and broadband universe has completely altered the consumer music experience. Victor Fredell, Global Content Acquisition Manager for Music at Sony Ericsson, will be joining this lively session where the panel with discuss the phone as music provider, library, retail channel, radio player and more, and examine revenue generation in those processes,

January 7, 2008: 2008 International CES

Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA
15:00-16:00: The Mobile Platform 2.0: Establishing the Personalized Video, Music, and Communications Experience
Session ID: ME9, room N258, North Hall
David Thompson, Content Acquisition Manager, Music and Video/Mobile TV at Sony Ericsson will be participating in this panel session where the hot topic of evolution of the next-generation mobile platform in the context of end-user expectations will be discussed.

January 9, 2008: Billboard Digital Music Live!
The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA
16:00-16-45: Devices: Capabilities v copyrights
End-users can get music in an increasing number of ways - portable satellite radio receivers, WiFi-enabled hard drives in the car, mobile streaming, videogame downloads etc. But serious disagreements remain over what's fair use and what's infringement. Victor Fredell, Global Content Acquisition Manager for Music at Sony Ericsson, is participating in this panel to explore both sides of the issue.

January 24, 2008: 5th Annual Mobile Games Forum 2008

London, UK
13.50: The handsets
Peter Ahnegard, Content Acquisition Manager – Games for Sony Ericsson, will be joining this session as the panel discuss the answers to the following questions:
Do multimedia handsets bring in new consumer groups?
Should we continuously try to support all handsets?
How to make industry standards easier to navigate?
What is needed to make the next generation mobiles into the next generation of gaming devices?

Peter Ahnegard.

January 27, 2008: MIDEM

Cannes, France
14:30-15:00: MIDEMNET Forum session – Mobile Music, where's the true value?
Room Debussy, level 1
MIDEMNET Forum provides an invaluable update on how digital is driving the music business forward, changing it rapidly and radically. Martin Blomqvist, Director and Head of Content Acquisition and Partner Management at Sony Ericsson will be speaking on this theme when this session debates the true value of mobile music.

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